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The Loyal Lizard: A Children's Book Pitch

This is a story I made for Drawing for Animation class in Spring 2015, in which we were to take a concept as if we were making it into an animated film, a video game, a children's book, etc.


This tale revolves around little Golly, a draco volan ("winged lizard") who doesn't fit in with his colony, due to his severe lack of wings. He meets a mystical cave nectar bat, who offers him wings in exchange for something very precious to his only friend, Gilda. She, unlike the rest of the colony, accepts Golly the way he is. After a fight between the two, however, the offer seems tempting...

Part of the project was to make background three layouts if you did an animation or game, or two page spreads if you chose a children's book.


These are the two spreads I chose - the page in which Golly meets the Bat for the first time, and the pages in which Gilda saves a baby and is considered a hero by the rest of the colony, leaving Golly jealous and alone once again.

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