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Here you will find my initial thumbnail sketches as well as an earlier draft of the animatic for a story I wrote titled "The Loyal Lizard", which I pitched as a Children's Book for a class in Spring 2015. I decided to storyboard a segment of the story for my Visual Storytelling class in Fall 2015.

Thumbnail Sketches On Post-Its

Click The Picture to Enlarge!


A lot of things were changed from these inial sketches, like the absence of other lizards in the beginning, Golly failing to even leave the tree he was in rather than being more involved with the snake, and the colony praising Gilda for saving the baby. In the story, Golly also encounters a Cave Nectar Bat, after being ignored by his colony. Because we were limited to a minute for our storyboard sequence, this had to be cut in the end.

Early (rough) Draft of Animatic Of Snake Scene

The script had been revised at this point, to make the scene flow without feeling too rushed, despite having a time limit of one minute.

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